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Coping Skills for Better Mental Health
January 17, 2019

5 Coping Skills You Need to be Happier & Healthier

Dragging a boulder behind you—all the time! That is what suffering from a mental health issue like anxiety, depression, or PTSD feels alike. When you’re in good spirits it doesn’t feel too heavy, and you can keep going. When your energy is low it seems to almost stop you in your tracks. Luckily, there are […]

How to Save Money When You're Broke
January 14, 2019

6 Ways to Trim Your Budget When You Have NO Money

When you’re already on a tight budget, finding ways to be even more frugal is difficult. I’ve read countless articles and most give the same advice: live debt free, buy store brand groceries, eat at home, buy secondhand. If you’re already doing those things, how in the world do you save money? How do you […]

Oxford Momma Self-care Subscription Box for Moms
January 13, 2019

4 Unique Things a Subscription Box for Moms is Doing in February

I am all about self-care for moms! Over the year before I launched Oxford Momma, I found myself losing “me” once again after giving birth. I knew I needed a change, and I knew there were other moms out there just like me. Oxford Momma is a self-care subscription box for moms, but it’s also […]

Self-care Resolution for Moms
December 31, 2018

The One Self-Care Resolution Every Mom Needs This Year

Self-care is more than pampering yourself or finding more “me time.” While those can be important aspects of q good self-care resolution, there is a lot more to maintaining a healthy state than just a visit to the spa. For me, good self-care includes things like creating boundaries for my relationship with my spouse, not […]

How to Be a Better Dad with Rad Dad Box
December 28, 2018

How to be a Better Dad with Rad Dad Box

Parenting is insanely hard, and it can be intensely isolating. When my husband and I decided the he should leave his traveling job shortly after I went back to work full-time, I don’t think he anticipated the isolation he’d feel. As much as I knew, I wasn’t much help there either. I’m a natural loner […]

Simple Ways to Get Your Child to Love Reading
December 22, 2018

4 Simple Ways to Get Your Child to Love Reading + Fun Printable for Kids

The summer before Kindergarten my oldest and then five year old promptly crossed her arms over her little chest, let out a big huff, and declared that she didn’t want to learn to read. The experienced mom in me took a breath and knew she didn’t really mean it, but the book lover in me […]

Snail Mail for Kids
December 21, 2018

5 Irresistible Reasons You’ll Love Snail Mail for Kids

Kids love mail. Plain and simple, the most exciting thing that could possibly happen to my child is seeing a letter with their name on it sitting on top of the mail pile. Not only do they get to feel like one of the grown ups, but it allows them to indulge in their curiosity […]

Home Made Luxe- How to Create a Craft Night
December 20, 2018

3 Easy Tips You Need to Create Your Own Craft Night

Chances are you’re a Pinterest loving mom who, like me, never ends up getting to many of the projects you pin. See my extensive library of pins on my Crafts and DIY board. However, I’ve probably only done about 5 of those projects. When I compare my love of crafting to how much time I actually […]

How to Be Your Best Self with The Boxy Momma
December 19, 2018

How to Be Your Best Self This Year with Boxy Momma

The New Year is one of my favorite times to evaluate how I’m doing and how I want to grow next year. It’s a time to look at how I’m feeling, what went wrong, and what went really right. I’m a huge fan of candid self-analysis, as much as I am of self-care and mental […]

Last Minute Gifts for Kids
December 18, 2018

Last Minute Toys That Will Still Arrive Before Christmas

As a single income family, the holidays are especially tight. Luckily, in addition to blogging, I do work full-time for an extremely generous company. Every year they gift us with a lovely end of year bonus, and this bonus is what we use to make Christmas happen for our family. Since this bonus doesn’t hit […]

December 18, 2018

How to Make Handprint Ornaments in 3 Easy Steps

One of my favorite things about preschool is that the teachers really know how to tug at the heartstrings, especially around holidays like Mother’s Day and Christmas. They of all people really get how precious our little ones are, and I’m always delighted by all the handprint crafts they send home. Unfortunately, moisture got into […]

The Best New Year's Books for Kids
December 15, 2018

8 of the Best New Year’s Books for Kids on Amazon Prime

The New Year is a wonderful time for children. Think about it from their perspective: everyone around them is filled with happiness and joy and the air seems a bit lighter even. For an evening and a day there are late nights and fireworks and special drinks all around. It’s truly magical when you see […]