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5 Books Every Mom Should Be Reading This Month

5 Books Every Mom Should Be Reading This Month

When it comes to reading, I used to be the type who read one book at a time. As I move further and further down my career path, I’m finding I read a lot of books for professional growth. As a mom to three daughters, I also read a lot more decidedly feminist literature than […]

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Why I Didn’t Post on Facebook About My Anniversary

This year marked my seventh wedding anniversary. It means that my husband and I have successfully avoided killing one another for over nine years. Normally, I’ll post something sweet on Facebook celebrating our anniversary. Those types of posts are rare. My husband and I don’t often say things over Facebook that we can’t just say […]


A Subscription Box for Dads Like No Other—Just in Time for Father’s Day!

I’m so excited to announce the launch of Imagine Dad, a subscription box for dads that’s seriously like no other around! I’ve been on the hunt for a subscription box for dads but most focus on men’s products, which my husband just isn’t interested in. Imagine Dad does things just a bit differently, though. Each […]


The Little Thing I Want My Daughters to Know

I’m thrilled to partner with Hefty® to celebrate strong moms! Mother’s Day is almost surreal for me. Every year is boggles my mind that I’m a mom—that I was strong enough to make it through another year. Because trust me, sometimes it’s hard to be strong every single day. Strength is something I hope my […]


Giveaways + Last Minute Mother’s Day Sales to Treat Yourself

Mother's Day Sales and Coupons to treat yourself!

Mother’s Day is such a wonderful time to celebrate yourself. I mentioned it in my recent post about how to be a happier mom, and it bears repeating. Take charge of your happiness. Whether that means taking a few more minutes in a shower all by yourself or choosing products or service to enhance your […]