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3 TED Talks About Self-Care and Motherhood

Self-care and Motherhood

I talk a lot about self-care and motherhood, but it’s pretty clear that many, many moms would practice more self-care than they do if they only had more time. But that argument is a symptom of the problem, and the problem is that self-care doesn’t always mean taking time away from your day to have […]


3 Lazy Reasons to Breastfeed Baby for Practical Moms

Lazy Reasons to Breastfeed Baby

There are a lot of reasons I chose to breastfeed baby number three. I felt like I’d missed out on the experience with my oldest and been robbed of it with my second. More than that, I really wanted the convenience of not having to go and prep a bottle every few hours. I’ll admit. […]


Ellebox Subscription Box Review, June 2018

Ellebox Subscription Box Review

Ellebox is a monthly subscription box for women and is all about self-care for that time of the month. Important announcement: Ellebox has grown up and is now Blume! Blume offers a similar self-care period experience with more customization and sophistication. Ellebox doesn’t really have a monthly theme and is instead customized to your needs […]


4 Reasons You Should Start a Mom Blog Today

Start a Mom Blog Now

Have you ever wondered if you should start a mom blog? You’re a mom (obviously), and you want to write, earn a little income on the side, maybe be able to blog full-time, and build a community for other moms like you. Much of the time, what stops us is fear. We become afraid of […]


40 Last Minute Father’s Day Gifts for Dads + Printable Father’s Day Card

Gifts for Dads - Subscription Boxes for Dads

Father’s Day is almost here, and there’s only a little more time to get those last minute gifts for dads. I pride myself on being the Father’s Day gift queen. It’s my favorite holiday of the year, truly! My dad wasn’t around much when I was younger, and I felt abandoned as I got older. […]