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7 Ways to Save BIG on the New Baby

It’s no secret that baby #3 was a surprise for us… for a couple reasons really. One, I didn’t realize after baby #2 that I’d want any more children. Two, once we were both on board with having another one, neither of us thought it would happen as quickly as it did. The problem was […]


3 TED Talks About Self-Care and Motherhood

Self-care and Motherhood

I talk a lot about self-care and motherhood, but it’s pretty clear that many, many moms would practice more self-care than they do if they only had more time. But that argument is a symptom of the problem, and the problem is that self-care doesn’t always mean taking time away from your day to have […]


3 Lazy Reasons to Breastfeed Baby for Practical Moms

Lazy Reasons to Breastfeed Baby

There are a lot of reasons I chose to breastfeed baby number three. I felt like I’d missed out on the experience with my oldest and been robbed of it with my second. More than that, I really wanted the convenience of not having to go and prep a bottle every few hours. I’ll admit. […]


Ellebox Subscription Box Review, June 2018

Ellebox Subscription Box Review

Ellebox is a monthly subscription box for women and is all about self-care for that time of the month. Important announcement: Ellebox has grown up and is now Blume! Blume offers a similar self-care period experience with more customization and sophistication. Ellebox doesn’t really have a monthly theme and is instead customized to your needs […]


4 Reasons You Should Start a Mom Blog Today

Start a Mom Blog Now

Have you ever wondered if you should start a mom blog? You’re a mom (obviously), and you want to write, earn a little income on the side, maybe be able to blog full-time, and build a community for other moms like you. Much of the time, what stops us is fear. We become afraid of […]