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What is the most important thing to do when you’re married to an addict?

Being Married to an Addict - What Can you Do

Being married to an addict is most certainly a kind of hell. It’s like riding on the child of a carousel and a roller coaster. You go up and down and around and around over and over again. Addiction is a disease—whether you classify it as a physical disease or a mental disorder—that is progressive. […]


3 P’s to Being a Better Husband

Be a Better Husband - Easy Ways to Be a Better Husband

Dear Husband Who Isn’t Mine, As I sit here writing this post, I’m stewing over my husband’s lack of communication, defensiveness, and inability to accept any kind of help or input that might put his own contributions in jeopardy. In a marriage like ours, one with a husband struggling with deeply rooted psychological issues and […]


Why I Didn’t Post on Facebook About My Anniversary

This year marked my seventh wedding anniversary. It means that my husband and I have successfully avoided killing one another for over nine years. Normally, I’ll post something sweet on Facebook celebrating our anniversary. Those types of posts are rare. My husband and I don’t often say things over Facebook that we can’t just say […]


Dear Husband

When Your Husband Struggles with Addiction

Dear husband, I want to tell you I’m angry. I want to say I’m disappointed. My heart hurts, and some days feel so long that it’s like two rolled into one. I’m lonely and tired and sad, so, so sad. I want to scream and stomp my feet in an epic toddler tantrum. You know […]


2 Years to Stability

Today has been hard. As a new mom who is bipolar, hard is really just part of life when you have a spouse who is also bipolar, but today was harder than normal. After our middle daughter’s Thanksgiving play, my husband and I headed to his psychiatrist’s office. Normally, he sees his doctor alone, but […]