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Is there a new answer to having it all?

Can you really have it all? Exploring the mom myth of having it all.

As women, we’ve been sold the idea that in the modern age we can have it all—a beautiful home, a rewarding career, well adjusted children, a loving relationship. Since then, thousands of column inches have been dedicated to unravelling this concept. Is “having it all” a myth? Or is the secret just getting better at balancing […]


How to be Happy: 3 Habits of Happy Moms

How to Be a Happier Mom

How to be happy? As moms, the answer to this question is so much more complicated than it seems. How to be happy? How to be happy when you spend most of your day making sure everyone else is happy first? In the depths of postpartum depression, I began pursuing the answer with fervor. Everything […]


Simple Ways to Be a Happier Mom

How to be a Happier Mom

Being a mom is hard, period. As a mom who also deals with all that comes with a bipolar diagnosis, I try my best not to think of my life as harder than any other mom out there. Rationally, I know we all have our own struggles, but I would be lying if I didn’t […]


Quick and Easy Tips to Use a Therapy Journal

Therapy Journal Tips

Journaling has been an integral part of my therapy since I was a teenager. My earliest therapy journal was a simple empty school notebook that I wrote and drew in during class when I couldn’t see the whiteboard through the cloud of my feelings. As I got older, I used them to jot down notes […]


What I Mean When I Say, “I Don’t Feel Good”

What is it like to be a bipolar mom?

Compared to me, my husband is a fledgling chick born only recently to living with a diagnosed mental illness. He’s spent a fraction of the time I have learning about his disease, trying medications, and experimenting with various coping skills. I’ve been doing this for years, well over a decade now. As a teenager I […]