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Dear Overwhelmed Mom

Overwhelmed Mom - Postpartum Depression

Dear Overwhelmed Mom, It’s okay to not be okay. I know the days feel like they last an eternity or they may be going by so quickly that you hardly feel like you have any time at all. The tears just won’t stop coming, and if you could even talk to anyone, they wouldn’t be […]


What Almost Thirty Means

This year I officially dropped into the almost thirty category, and contrary to pop culture, it hasn’t been a hard pill to swallow– just don’t ask me about twenty-seven. Turning almost thirty has been rather liberating actually. In my early twenties, life was all about adventure and discovery. I relished taking risks, pushing my own […]


Bad Day Mixtape

When I’m in a bad mood, the last thing I want is music to cheer me up. Instead, I tend to listen to music that meets my mood like two waves crashing into one another on a windy lake. Hopefully, they’ll cancel each other out and leave me feeling somewhat level. Today’s Playlist: “Don’t Forget […]


Dear World

Welcome to my latest project, an intimate look at motherhood and mental illness. It is my goal that this blog becomes a hybridized version of a diary, an advice column, a resource, and a community for support. Motherhood is hard. Mental illness is hard. Some days those two together can make life seem impossible, but […]