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Whether you’re supermom or super stressed mom, every mom needs some “me” time. Oxford Momma is the perfect way to take care of you. Each monthly box contains a new bestselling book and 3 or more self-care items.

Open to US residents, ages 18+. Ends April 1 at 11:59 pm ET.

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72 thoughts on “Win a Subscription Box

    1. Ooo! Bath salts in my bath are amazing. That’s definitely one of my favorite ways to relax, too.

  1. My favorite way to practice selfcare is to meditate whenever possible! A little me-time helps from time to time as well!
    Amanda Stovall

    1. Meditation is amazing! A school once replaced traditional punishment with meditation and saw disciplinary actions drop and behavior problems decline. It’s truly amazing what you can do by taking that time for yourself.

  2. I’m a Type 1 Diabetic, so i have to take care myself everyday. I always have to test my blood, take my insulin and watch what I eat.

    1. That is so key! So many time we think of self-care as pampering, but most often it’s making sure your needs are taken care of.

  3. Exercise for me improves my well being and brings my hormones and body into balance. I find it great to calm and distract my mind when I am feeling anxious.

  4. I give myself time to rest when I need it. I’m a brain/skull/spine surgery survivor (Arnold-Chiari Brain Malformation) and pushing too hard exhausts me. It was hard to adjust to resting more, but it helps me out so much!

    1. You are so strong! My husband broke his left ankle and shattered his right heel in a fall a year ago, so I understand how adjusting to a new normal can be difficult. You are so strong!

  5. My favorite way to practice self care is to curl up on the couch with a soft, comfy blanket, a hot cup of coffee, and my favorite tv shows!

  6. my best way to practice self care is to always read a book in my closet book nook and then take a warm bubbly bath all by myself.

  7. Taking a nice long, hot bath with a bath bomb, and reading a good book, or watching a movie! If I don’t have much time, I try to do some yoga and stretching!

  8. I like to take one day a week to have a home spa day. I scrub myself with my favorite hot salt scrub, then take a hot bath with my favorite bubbles, shave my legs and assorted other parts. I then wash my hair and put in a deep conditioner, and oil my scalp, then put on my heat cap for a great deep conditioning. I give myself a facial, and remove all unwanted facial hair. Then I lotion up, relax on one of my at home back massager/heating pad, watch a good movie, then finish with a fabulous foot soak and scrub, then a mani/pedi. When it’s all done, I feel like a new woman!!!

  9. My favorite way to practice self care is taking a nice long shower, doing my whole skincare routine, making a cup of coffee, and snuggling in bed. That’s when I feel like I’m really taking care of myself!

  10. My favorite self care is to curl up on my couch with my soft, fuzzy blanket, cuddle with my dog and have a hot cup of my favorite java next to me and get lost in a good book!

  11. I love it when my husband watches my three kids so I can take a long bike ride by the river. I’ll make myself a yummy green smoothie and pack some of my favorite healthy snacks. When I find a beautiful spot to chill, I’m free to do some art and read my devotional and Bible. It’s what I really need to recharge and fill my cup,so I can pour out love and care to my family and community. Thank you so much for this gracious giveaway!

  12. Honestly, sometimes just taking a step back, taking a deep breath, reminding yourself “I love being a mom I love being a mom” is all it really takes.

    And when that doesn’t work. Wine.

  13. I get up before the rest of the family, make a hot drink and read, or think, or stretch, whatever I’m feeling. But I enjoy the quiet.

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