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Our household is unique in that both my husband and I have Bipolar Disorder. While some days can be more of a juggle than others, I think we’re pretty darn good parents if I do say so myself. Our kids are pretty rad not to mention extraordinarily silly and deceptively observant.

About a year ago, the girls and I did a quiz together, and I stumbled on the answers today. Their answers, Evie at age 4 and Lily at 9, still crack me up.

What is something Mommy says a lot?

Evie: You’re going to time out.

Lily: Matt!

What makes me happy? 

Evie: Happy faces

Lily: Spending time with your family

What makes me sad?

Evie: Mean faces

Lily: When we have to go to funerals

How tall am I?

Evie: Really tall!

Lily: 59 inches

What’s my favorite thing to do?

Evie: Go to work

Lily: Have family game night and play Dungeons and Dragons with your friends.

What is my favorite thing to eat?

Evie: Soy sauce

Lily: Sushi

If I could go anywhere, where would I go?

Evie: To the beach

Lily: Washington, D.C.

Do you think you could live without me?

Evie: Nope.

Lily: I could, but I wouldn’t want to.

How do I annoy you? 

Evie: When you’re angry.

Lily: You never annoy me because the things that you do make you you.

What is my favorite TV show?

Evie: Adult stuff

Lily: Painting with Bob Ross

Try this quiz with your kiddos and see what they have to say!

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